The Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association is committed to its economic growth coupled with the active development of maximum involvement by women, youth and the disabled through progressive business solutions and employment creation. We hope to champion such social and economic growth trends through innovative and strategic interventions. With this framework we seek to contribute to the macro-vision of economic empowerment in the Eastern Cape region.

Affiliates entities/members are made to pay a registration fee of R50. 00 and the capital injec-tion depends solely on membership fees investments.

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  • Membership Certificate/Card
  • Access to capacity building programmes and farmer development support
  • Opportunity to participate in Regional and local lobbying and advocacy campaigns and activities
  • Opportunity to network with other business, organisations and structures such as the government at National , Provincial and Local level
  • The RMFA lobbies and advocates with and on behalf of its member/s and commodity groups on socio economic issues affecting the community.
  • Our database is available on request to government departments, funders and other institutions looking for farmers/ co-operatives to work with.
  • Opportunity to be listed in the Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association handbook

Members shall have access to the following capacity building tools amongst other reports:

  • RMFA Toolkit –  This helps you on how to run successful farming.
  • Digital Portal – where we market your  business in our website
  • Digital Reports – to get more information about RMFA events
  • News Letters – updates about RMFA events
  • Advocacy manual
  • Capacity building – trainings which will help in development of you agricultural farming skills.