The Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association is managed by (16) sixteen boards of directors with skills from a variety of fields. The board is a hybrid nest of specialisations among who are matriculates with business knowledge and acumen as well as university graduates from various areas of study.  The board is the highest organ of control in the organisation and are the overseers of all business activities. From the time to time, they represent the commodity groups in various business exhibitions including tender briefings, workshops and business meetings.

Raymond Mhaba Farmers Association observes BBB.E.E policies in its practices and it is a full-time 100% B.E.E compliant company.


Chairperson/Sihlalo:  Mr. M. Mkaza

Secretary /Nobhala:   Ms. N. Jantjies

Treasurer/Sozimali:   Ms. N. Gqirhana


Back Row: Mr. M. Mkaza; Ms. N Gqirhana; Mr. M Kula; Mr. Z. Sixhaso
Front Row: Mr. S. Mbotho; Mr. Z. Mbande; Mr. D. Mpondo