Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association has managed to mobilise almost 98% of small/medium scale farmers and agricultural co-operative operating within the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality, who were privileged to access training programmes from UFH and Raymond Mhlaba Economic Development Agency. The training included financial management skills and cooperate governance as well as tendering process knowledge. We have also managed to serves as custodians of equal opportunity for development and business entities in the Raymond Mhlaba LM markets to ensure that growth takes place smoothly without prejudice and nepotism. 

To date the Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association has undertaken a number of small research initiatives. The aim of these researches initiative is to provide a better factual understanding of challenges and opportunities facing our farmers in the local municipality. The research initiative that has been concluded include: a survey of market-oriented producers in order to determine existing production levels, market strategies, and future production or marketing potential; a survey of tractor owners to establish the number and status of tractors owned by local farmers; and an action research project to determine the feasibility of using labour- intensive methods to dam scooping/ clean out silt and mud from a typical communal area dam. This is an evolving process through which both local farmers and community are learning. 

The topics of research initiatives were and are being identified through public meetings and open discussions as to the challenges and opportunities facing farmers in the Raymond Mhlaba Municipality. Thereafter the general approach is simple: the RMFA management and ARDRI-UFH sit down to discuss the purpose of the research initiative, plan the survey or implementation approach, and design the questionnaire (where relevant). Then, the survey is conducted by a team comprising both the RMFA members and ARDRI-UFH. We always have our member’s interests at heart, and continually strive to ensure that our members receive the very best care and services.


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