The Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association is a community based, voluntary and non-profit farmer development organization that has been established 1985, and later incorporated into the registrar’s office of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in July 2014.
Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association is an umbrella body of 23 ward based farmers’ association which comprises of subsistence, small/ medium scale farmers, and agri- business enterprises especially the previously disadvantaged woman and youth co-operatives. Altogether, we represent more than 5,000 local farmers and co-operative operating in and around Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality.

Our mandate is to unify, support the views and represent the interest of local farmers and their co-operatives in particular to assist them to develop into viable economic entities with appropriate skills and market access. We believe agricultural development can contribute to poverty reduction in the area as well as to economic prosperity.


We aim to grow into an established and respected name in the sector within the Eastern Cape Province with time, excelling in terms of efficiency, quality and customer care. We hope to be a key player in employment creation and poverty alleviation.


To provide innovative and unique services and to enhances and improve the present situation in the broader development in the region on an on-going basis and be a fully-fledged partner in the development of Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality from a sustainable rural economy into an affluent destination for investors and developers.


  • To provide a habitant for the development of Raymond Mhlaba LM and surrounding areas
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations that underpins our purposes
  • To foster partnerships with academic institutions in order to capacitate our methods
  • To continuously revise our methods and strategies though strategic planning
  • To market the Raymond Mhlaba Farmers Association and its affiliates locally and nationally


Back Row: Mr. M. Mkaza; Ms. N Gqirhana; Mr. M Kula; Mr. Z. Sixhaso
Front Row: Mr. S. Mbotho; Mr. Z. Mbande; Mr. D. Mpondo